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Which back protector should I get?

We use certain wording to categorize our back protector models simply. Just refer to the list below to understand:  Naked: Minimalist belt and shoulder straps (all removable). Lite: Mesh coat around the foam to help with odor control, and extra breat

My SHRED. protector is stiff or uncomfortable

Our SLYTECH™ Foam can become rigid when exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time. It’s like your boots, don’t leave them outside in the cold before you go riding. Make sure to put on the product at room temperature and then your body hea

Washing instructions for my jacket or shorts:

For JACKETS (both long and short), the foam protection pieces can not be removed from the fabric. The best method to clean the JACKET is to spot wash it. Use a sponge or soft cloth and gently pat the JACKET with warm water and mild soap. Either pat t

Washing instructions for my Back Protector:

For most of our VEST and LITE models, the foam protection piece can be removed. There is a slit in the fabric on the lower back of the vest underneath the point where the belt connects to the back protector. Peel the belt off of the back protector an