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Are SHRED. sunglasses suitable for any sport?

Our sunglasses are as versatile as they are dependable. Their lightweight design, impact resistance, and optical quality make them perfect for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, biking on roads, or riding on trails. And while we designed them to

Are SHRED. lenses resistant from scratching?

Any lens made from plastic or glass can scratch—including ours. As with any optical product, we recommend handling and caring for your sunglasses appropriately.

How should I clean the sunglasses lenses?

We highly recommend that you use the microfiber bag included with your sunglasses to clean their lenses. As an alternative, you can use proper optical cleaning products. Please do not use paper, handkerchiefs, cloths, or clothes—and be sure to routin

Do your sunglasses float?

No. For our frames, we use a partially bio-based polyamide that comes from renewable resources. This material has excellent mechanical resistance and is heat resistant, moisture resistant, and UV resistant, but it does not lend itself to creating sun

Are sunglasses the lenses 100% UV blocking? Polarized? Anti-scratch? Anti-reflective?

All of our lenses are polarized and 100% UV blocking and come with treatments to improve their performance: anti-reflective, oleophobic and anti-scratch. Even though these treatments are the best on the market, there is no treatment that can prevent

What sizes are the sunglasses?

Please consult the size chart below:

How do liquid-cast urethane lenses compare to glass lenses?

Glass lenses are a benchmark in terms of optical clarity. However, they offer minimal impact resistance and are the heaviest lenses on the market. Consequently, they are not suitable for action sports and an active lifestyle. We decided to use liquid

What is the base curve of the sunglasses lens and how does it affect the frame’s fit and appearance?

The base curve determines the form of a lens and measures its surface curve.  A lens with a lower base curve—such as a base 6 —provides the sunglasses with a flatter look while a higher number—such as a base 8 —creates a wraparound frame shape.

Are the sunglasses lenses interchangeable?

Yes, the lenses are easily interchangeable, but you must buy a lens model specific to your frame model.

Are SHRED. sunglasses available with prescription lenses?

No, we currently do not offer prescription lenses.

How do I increase the life of my lenses (Sunglasses or Goggles)

Never put  your lenses in an exposed position where it’s at risk to fall on any surface, as this will cause scratches. Sweat, sunscreen (especially sprayed), makeup and hairspray can ruin lens coatings and cause them to spot and peel if left on the l