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How do I change my goggle strap?Updated 10 months ago

All SHRED. goggles can have their straps changed. The Simplify goggles have a wider strap than other SHRED. models. So, Simplify straps can only been interchanged among other Simplify goggles.

To replace Simplify goggle straps please follow the instructions below. You will need a small flathead screwdriver (preferably in plastic).

All other model goggles can have their straps interchanged.

To change your goggle strap, first know that the goggle frame is very flexible. Don’t be afraid of breaking your goggles through this process.

The easiest way to remove the strap is to take the upper corners of the strap (on either side of the goggle) and push the corner through the slit in the frame. You can use your fingers to pull the frame away from strap to make the slit opening bigger. Once the corner of the strap has passed through the frame, continue to pull the strap all the way out of the frame. To insert the strap, take the upper corner of the strap and work it into the slit in the frame the same way you removed it. Continue to work the strap into the frame until it is fully inserted. Make sure you reassemble the strap in the same position you disassembled it, so it isn’t upside down, inside out, or in the wrong side of the frame… unless that’s the look you’re going for.

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