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SHRED. Gloves Care GuideUpdated 10 months ago

Caring for your SHRED. gloves and mittens will significantly extend their life.

Here you can find a few tips on how to wash and dry your SHRED. gloves and mittens:

  1. We do not recommend washing our gloves and mittens frequently as they have leather components. If you do wash them, put on the gloves and wash with mild soap and lukewarm water. Remember not to twist your SHRED. gloves but to gently squeeze water out of them from the fingers to the wrist.
  2. Gloves dry best in an upright position. 
  3. Remember to always dry your SHRED. gloves at room temperature while avoiding open flames, heaters, driers and ovens. 
  4. Do not turn lined gloves inside out. The liner, insulation and membrane can be very difficult to put back into place.


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