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What size arm guards should I get?Updated a year ago


Forearm guard fitting is very subjective. For example a smaller athlete at 5’6”/167cm may prefer the large guard that fits under the gloves and sticks out of the elbow a little more. Compared to a different 6’2’’/188cm athlete that may prefer something more minimal in a size small. So we recommend that you take a measuring tape, measure the desired coverage area in length, and compare it to the guard length in the product’s description.  A couple things to take into consideration:

  • Do your elbows bruise easily? Make sure to measure with your arm extended and measure passed the elbow towards the edge of the tricep.
  • Don’t wear Slytech Gloves/Mitts? Our race gloves and mitts come with a specialized flange that ergonomically fits with our guards, allowing your wrists to move more freely. If you wear a different brand, make sure to measure with your wrist cocked up, and start  to measure about 1”/2.5cm up from the crease.
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