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What’s the difference between Cylindrical Lenses and Spherical Lenses?Updated a year ago

The difference between Cylindrical and Spherical lenses is mostly aesthetic: Spherical lenses have a rounded 3D look while Cylindrical lenses have a flatter look.

All SHRED. Spherical lenses are “Molded” while SHRED. Cylindrical lenses can be divided in two categories: “Molded” or “Flexible”. 

The Molded lenses are ultra-high-optical-precision molded, spherical or cylindrical double lenses with tapered thickness to optimize vision at all angles and enhance impact protection. 

The Flexible lenses, simply put, are cylindrical lenses made from a flat sheet of polycarbonate – the angles created by a traditional flat lens can cause inconsistent light refraction that strains eyes & skews perception, but allows the goggles to be extra light and flexible.

You can refer to the Tech Specs below each goggle model to see if it features a Molded lens or not, and then pick the best option for you.

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