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How do I increase the life of my lenses (Sunglasses or Goggles)Updated a year ago

Never put  your lenses in an exposed position where it’s at risk to fall on any surface, as this will cause scratches. Sweat, sunscreen (especially sprayed), makeup and hairspray can ruin lens coatings and cause them to spot and peel if left on the lens for a period of time. Gently rinse your lens off with water to remove the residue, and then naturally dry the lenses.

Do not apply a coating of anti-fog liquid to the surface of mirror lenses. Doing so may cause the mirror layer to peel off. Do not put the goggles or sunglasses in places near a heating unit or with high temperature such as inside a car. Do not use any organic solvents (e.g thinner or alcohol) or adhesive on the goggles or sunglasses.

Leaving the lenses with water or seawater having adhered to them will cause water stains or salt to remain on the lenses, thus resulting in stains. In case of mirror lenses, it may cause the mirror to peel off. 

Store the lenses somewhere dry and not exposed to direct sunlight. Store the goggles or sunglasses in the SHRED. bag that comes with the product and make sure there is not any pressure applied, that may cause them to get deformed. Pay attention so that no hard thing (e.g. metal, buckle. zipper. or angular plastic item) comes into direct contact with the goggles or sunglasses during storage or transportation. Doing so will prevent scratches or deformation.

CBL 2.0 and Polarized Sunglasses specific care

The polarizing film sandwiched between the lenses is very delicate. Leaving the polarized lenses in water or an ultrasonic cleaner for an extended period of time may cause water to enter the polarizing film, thus resulting in discoloration, deterioration, and peeling of areas around the lenses. In order to prevent that, immediately wipe off moisture that adhered to around the lenses.

Photochromic Sunglasses specific care

Photochromic lenses deteriorate with age to hardly change the brightness. In order to ensure the long-term use of the photochromic lenses, store them in cool dark places not exposed to ultraviolet rays.

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