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The inside of my lens is completely soaked, what do I do?Updated 10 months ago

Did you send it a little too hard? Or just simply drop your goggles into the snow? Snow or water collected on the inside of your lens will create fogging and blurry vision. Follow the steps below to see better again.

First heads-up! We coat the inner lens with an anti-fog spray, if you rub the inner lens surface when wet you will wipe all of it off, and ruin your lens. Easy does it, simple patting and patience will save you from buying another lens.

  1. Shake all the big stuff out vigorously; up, down and side to side. Make sure all the vent ports are clear.
  2. Use your clean goggle bag or micro fiber cloth to pat the excess moisture out. Do not use under any circumstances anything rough like gloves, paper towels, jacket sleeves,  or that soft thumb extension from your jacket that’s caked with sunscreen and/or french fry grease, etc…
  3. Patience is a virtue, let the rest dry out in the open air. Take this time to visualize your line again so you can stick it.
  4. Airflow is key for the final touch. Put your goggles back on right before you’re about to ski or ride your run. Putting them on while sitting or hiking won’t promote drying and can cause immediate fogging.
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