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Which lens should I get? | What does VLT% mean?

Variable light conditions can really affect how much fun you’re having. When the light changes, you want to make sure you’re prepared with the appropriately tinted lenses.  Each lens has a Visual Light Transmission, or VLT, percentage unit that des

What’s the difference between Cylindrical Lenses and Spherical Lenses?

The difference between Cylindrical and Spherical lenses is mostly aesthetic: Spherical lenses have a rounded 3D look while Cylindrical lenses have a flatter look. All SHRED. Spherical lenses are “Molded” while SHRED. Cylindrical lenses can be divided

What’s the difference between a Single Lens and Double Lens?

Single lenses are the classic most cost effective option, mainly used by ski racers. The product is a single sheet of polycarbonate with a  single color tint, they have a slightly shorter lifespan than the double lens, and are only available in cylin

How do I replace my lens?

To remove the lens, gently pull the bottom of the frame that sits on the nose away from the lens. The plastic frame has rounded cutouts that match up and go into the notches in the lens (like puzzle pieces). When the frame and lens disconnect, you ma

How do I increase the life of my lenses (Sunglasses or Goggles)

Never put  your lenses in an exposed position where it’s at risk to fall on any surface, as this will cause scratches. Sweat, sunscreen (especially sprayed), makeup and hairspray can ruin lens coatings and cause them to spot and peel if left on the l

Are SHRED. replacement lenses interchangeable between models?

No, you must buy a lens model specific to your frame model. Additionally, competitor lenses will not fit in any SHRED. goggle.

Do SHRED. replacement lenses fit in other brand goggles?

No, SHRED. replacement lenses only fit in SHRED. goggles.

Do I get to pick my bonus lens?

Bonus lenses come pre-packaged with the goggles. If you let us know what model and color goggle you are interested in, we are happy to let you know what bonus lens comes with that goggle.

How do I clean my lenses?

We highly recommend that you use the microfiber bag included with your sunglasses or goggles to clean their lenses. As an alternative, you can use proper optical cleaning products. Please do not use paper, handkerchiefs, cloths, or clothes—and be sur

My lenses keep fogging: What should I do?

Always make sure to dry out your goggles in the open at room temperature after each day of use.  If it was especially wet that day, we recommend that you remove the lenses (see “how do I replace my lenses?”) and have them sit and dry next to your fra

The inside of my lens is completely soaked, what do I do?

Did you send it a little too hard? Or just simply drop your goggles into the snow? Snow or water collected on the inside of your lens will create fogging and blurry vision. Follow the steps below to see better again. First heads-up! We coat the inner