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What is your warranty policy?

For warranty claims please contact the dealer from which your purchase was made and provide receipt or other proof of purchase. If the option of returning the product to the retailer is not available, email us at [email protected] and we wil

How do I initiate a warranty claim?

If the product was bought within a year, email us at [email protected] with a picture of the claim, the entire product (pictures from all sides) and copy of the proof of purchase. If the claim is accepted we will prompt you to send the defecti

Who do I contact for repair requests?

Just email [email protected] with your repair request, your country of origin, proof of purchase and we will initiate the process. Products under warranty will be repaired for free, otherwise the cost associated with repair will be listed belo

How long does a repair take?

Excluding shipping time, a repair can take up to 10 business days.

My warranty claim needs to be rushed, I need my claim processed asap!

No problem, please email us at [email protected] with a picture of the claim, the entire product (pictures from all sides) and a copy of the proof of purchase. We will reply shortly with an assessment. If accepted, you will be advised to purch

My Fortress Race gloves or mitts are all torn up.

Torn race glove and mitts will not be accepted under warranty as this falls under normal wear and tear.

My helmet strap broke, can you fix it?

Unfortunately we cannot repair any components of your chinstrap on your helmet as this could affect the safety of our products.

My shinguard straps are getting really worn out. Can you fix them?

Yes we can depending on your location! Guards that are no longer within our warranty period can be repaired for a small fee.  Just email [email protected] to initiate the process.

My lenses got scratched, can you replace them for me?

All of our customers are responsible for their product’s care, and this includes lens protection. Of course if the product came scuffed, scratched, or damaged out of the box than we can initiate the warranty process.