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How do I size myself for a helmet?

First you will need to grab a measuring tape, preferably a cloth one, and stand in front of a mirror. Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your head, which is typically 1-2 cm or 0.5in above your eyebrows and your ears. Ma

How do I fit a pair of goggles?

All SHRED. goggles are designed to fit in any SHRED. helmet. However, the best fit is achieved when you select a goggle model that corresponds with the size of your helmet. For example, the Amazify goggle fits in all helmets (size small to XL), but t

Did I get the right Helmet size?

To check if you got the right size once you receive your helmet, place the helmet on your head and buckle the chinstrap. We recommend that you also put your goggles to check the perfect fit.  Too small: Which can be easily indicated by being too unco

How do I fit my backprotector?

To measure yourself, you will need a measuring tape, and a friend. Our size chart has the W-S length terminology in it, which means waist to shoulder length. In essence we are measuring vertical coverage.  Measure from your shoulder to your hipbone

Which size of SHRED. gloves should I buy?

It is important to buy the correct size of your SHRED. gloves and mittens to maximize warmth and comfort. You will need to measure both the length and the circumference of your hand using a measuring tape. To obtain the length of your hand we suggest

Is a mini/junior small the same as an adult small?

Yes, across our entire line a size small will have the same fit whether it’s an Adult Small or a Mini small. This is because our helmet molds are the same, there isn't a separate size run for junior helmets. We designed the Mini line to have fun, kid

What shin guard size should I get?

From our size small for kids to the Pro size for the taller Shredders, there are plenty of variables to consider when you’re picking your shinguards. Sizing your shinguards can be very preferential.  All of our shinguards have their lengths described

What size arm guards should I get?

Forearm guard fitting is very subjective. For example a smaller athlete at 5’6”/167cm may prefer the large guard that fits under the gloves and sticks out of the elbow a little more. Compared to a different 6’2’’/188cm athlete that may prefer somet

Can I cut or modify my shinguards?

We try to make our product as customisable as possible, you will notice on the inside, at the bottom of the guard there are marked channels that allow easy cutting for length adjustment.  Just bring your guards to an authorized SHRED. dealer or conta

The waist strap on my backprotector is too big or too small.

You can purchase compatible waist straps in different sizes here:

What does “W-S” measurement stand for?

W-S is the waist to shoulder measurement. The length from your hip bone up to your shoulder bone.