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What are the differences between SHRED. helmets?

Slam-Cap NoShock and Slam-Cap Base are super light In-Molded helmets on which a EPS impact energy absorption liner is injectet directly inside a thin PC shell; Bumper NoShock and Bumper are super tough and durable Hard Shell helmets on which an im

Which of your helmets are FIS RH approved?

All of our hard ear helmets (Basher, Basher NoShock, Basher Ultimate, Mega Brain Bucket RH) are FIS RH approved.

Can I adjust a helmet’s fit?

Yes you can, all of our helmets will come with spare pads and/or customisable fit wheels for you to refine the helmet’s fit. Please see our tip below:  For Bumpers, Slam Caps, Half Brains, and Short Stacks:  The fit wheel on the back of the helmet s

Which helmets are compatible with a chinguard?

All our helmets except for the Slam Cap and the Bumper Mini are compatible with our chinguards. Soft-Ear chin guards are compatible with Bumpers and Half-Brains. Hard-Ear chin guards are compatible with Bashers.

Can I remove my ear pads from my soft-ear helmet?

Yes, all of our soft ear helmets have removable earpads, equipped with  simple velcro tabs, and a plastic insert. Make sure to unstick the 2 velcro tabs first and then pull on the plastic arm that connects the ear to the helmet. The material around t

Can I paint my helmet?

We don’t recommend paints or solvents of any kind be used on the helmets. They can damage a helmet so that its protective capabilities are significantly reduced.

How long can I use my helmet?

Helmets that have not been used in a crash typically last up to 3 seasons, however varying degrees of use can change their lifespan. It is best to store the helmet in the provided helmet cover/case in a cool, dry, and untouched state (aka not under h

Can I get a replacement goggle clip for my helmet?

Absolutely, you can find both Basher,Totality, and Notion clips on our website. Basher/Basher Ultimate/Basher Mini (hard ear helmet):. Basher Goggle Clip - Helmet Accessories - SHRED. Totality/Totality NoShock/Totality Mini (soft ear helmet):. Totali

Do you have a crash replacement program?

You may be eligible for a discount code. Please report your crash, along with a proof of purchase to  [email protected]. Please understand that helmets damaged because of a crash are not eligible for free warranty replacement. In most cases, t